Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Book Review – Private India - Ashwin Sanghi

I got this book through Blogadda which was delivered pretty fast, though I am writing this review a bit late but its worth the read, no not just the review but also the book. ;) Ashwin Sanghi has teamed up with James Patterson to indigenize this series. Private India is a classic thriller. cut to the chase With the usual Mumbai bhais (Don) a Pakistan’s ISI makes an appearance. It is a mix of mysteries. Good enough to make the plot worth it. Private India is India’s best detective agency,run by Mr. Jack Morgan. Santosh Wagh heads Private India. When visiting Thai surgeon Kanya Jaiyen is killed in mysterious circumstances at the Marine Bay Plaza. The police let Private India get on with it. thoough unable to stop serial murders to happen the Private India pulls it off solving all the mysteries like straight from the books. The first murder is followed by many more. Reporter Bhavna Choksi becomes the second victim. Then Elima Xavier, Anjana Lal, Ragini Sharma, and others follow. Each murder victim is found strangled with a yellow scarf and surrounded by antique artifacts, guess found on Pawnstars @ history. Private India makes the plot long enough to cover the topic and to the point enough to keep the interest going. It is a 450+ pages book which is read with much ease given the smooth and grasping plot. The Indian mujahideen angle gives you the relation to reality and things dont seem odd afterall, unlike other thrillers where it is the pyschopath neighbor or ex girlfriend. that was good enough to keep this detective story easy to digest. Though i read a lot of mystery novels but this being plot in India gives you the feel of Desi, the feel of finally a good desi mystery novel. I wont be surprised if it transforms into a good movie soon. All in all this books keeps you hooked in and you dont regret going through those 450 pages.

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